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Our Services

At Northwest Veterinary Clinic, our goal is to help your pets live their best lives for as long as possible with you. We know that the bonds you share with your companions are more important than ever. Therefore, we deliver high-quality veterinary care customized to your unique situation in a way that honors your pets. 

Preventative Medicine

Vaccinations and parasite preventives are safe and effective tools to ensure that your pet does not suffer from a preventable, and at times, life-threatening disease. We will design a plan that fits your pet's lifestyle. 

Physical Exams

A thorough physical exam is the first step in determining the health status of your pet. We can look for signs of disease that may be affecting quality of life and work with you to come up with a plan on the best way to help your pet feel better.

On-Site Lab Services

When your pet is sick, we have the capability to run comprehensive lab work right away. We also offer wellness lab work to detect problems early, before your pet starts showing symptoms of illness.

Soft Tissue Surgeries

Our veterinarian has extensive soft tissue surgical experience and we regularly perform routine and non-routine surgeries. 

Dental Care

Pets can silently suffer from painful dental conditions. Our dental radiography equipment and high-quality instruments allow us to provide preventive cleanings as well as oral surgery when extractions are indicated.

Internal Medicine

Animals can get many of the same diseases that people get. We strive to find an accurate diagnosis and work with you to manage your pet's disease. Our reference laboratory also offers specialist consultations for complicated cases. 

End of Life Care

As pets age or cope with a terminal disease, we can assist you with palliative care to maintain quality of life. When it's time to say goodbye to a faithful companion, we provide a peaceful passing by sedating your pet prior to performing euthanasia. We partner with Partridge Enterprises to provide cremation services and help you honor and remember the lifetime of love.

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